An electronic fog

The Lake Michigan Triangle. The electronic fog that is described by Bruce Gernon is considered to be a meteorological based phenomenon. Check out more music from Paul Adcock. To date, he has personally experienced the electronic fog twice over a period of three decades.

A New Explanation for an Enduring Enigma Is there an explanation for the thousands of people who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

Unfortunately, as he attempted to quickly think of a flying maneuver that would remove them from any possible danger, he noticed that a different cloud was forming behind the airplane.

Bruce Gernon is a pilot who has flown extensively in the Caribbean. The fog then keeps moving along with the ship or the plane. They attempted to call in to a dispatcher, but were told that they were not visible on the air radar. Gernon believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind many of the seemingly paranormal happenings in the Triangle, causing time distortions, pilot disorientation, and equipment malfunctions.

The clouds were surrounding the craft as if literally drawn to it. I was amazed at what the shaft now looked like. The cloud had a strange magnetic effect on the vessel, for the needle of the compass revolved with the speed of an electric motor and the sailors were unable to raise pieces of steel from the magnetized decks.

No one has been able to debunk my experience in over 43 years of explaining it to everyone. They departed Bermuda in clear weather heading to Jacksonville. The compass was slowly spinning even as the airplane flew straight. I had to use my imagination to feel our way west.

So what does Hutchison effect mean and what does it have to do with Bermuda Triangle. Hutchison Effect in Bermuda Triangle. He demonstrated the strange behavior of objects more than times and proved that due to interplay of such electromagnetic fields, apparently weird things can happen.

One of the explanations of Bermuda Triangle disappearances is based on electronic fog - something similar to what the Canadian scientist John Hutchison could demonstrate in his own lab.

After 10 minutes of climbing in and out of this cloud, the airplane finally broke free at 11, feet and the sky was clear. The lines widened into slits about four or five miles long. Does it actually propel a plane forward radically increasing its speed.

He wrote about it in his last book just before he died because he thought it would be important for the world to know. So far everything we know about the flight seems to point in that direction. Because, it is also observed that there is no fixed rule by which one can predictably create such strange effects.

MysteryQuest delivers on its promise to attempt to unlock new answers to unsolved mysteries." ~ Season one DVD review, Zach Freeman, TV Rage such as a theory that solar energy combined with thunderstorms will create an "electronic fog".

Such electronic fog seems to appear from nowhere and completely engulfs a ship or an aircraft. The fog then keeps moving along with the ship or the plane. And soon, all the electronic systems and the instruments start malfunctioning.

Perhaps one of the very strangest incidents where the boundaries of time and space reportedly broken down involves a pilot en route to Bimini with his father, who claimed that they encountered a strange “electronic fog” along the way.

Electronic Fog. K likes. Electronic Fog nasce nell'estate del come collettivo di musicisti, tecnici e videomaker da tempo inseriti in contesti. Electronic Fog.

The Electronic Fog: A Strange Trip Through Time, Space, and Tailwinds

K likes. Electronic Fog nasce nell'estate del come collettivo di musicisti, tecnici e videomaker da tempo inseriti in contesti. Releases.

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Electronic Fog Records è un’etichetta discografica nata all’interno dell’omonimo collettivo nel La missione è promuovere la cultura della musica elettronica con uscite accumunate dallo spirito più che da un genere musicale di riferimento.

An electronic fog
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The Bermuda Triangle Electronic Fog